My name is Andrew Chen. I hope that it's nice to meet you!
- Currently a PhD Candidate in Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Auckland working on Hardware/Software Co-design for Embedded Vision.
- Employed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for COMPSYS 201, 302 and ELECTENG 209 in the ECE Department (previously also MECHENG 223, COMPSYS 701, 704).
- Speaks proficiently in English, Mandarin, Python, VHDL, C, C++, MATLAB, HTML+CSS, passably in Java, Verilog, SQL, R, Javascript, and poorly in French.
- Employed part-time at Datacom, investigating innovative product development opportunities.

- Makes data visualisations, analyses politics, and writes about chips.
- Develops and maintains websites, from static pages using CMSes (AURA and Organic NZ) to full server and db implementations (Diplomacy Competition).
- Supports robotics education and civics education.
- Interested in entrepreneurship, and how our country can create the sort of environment that better fosters innovative activity.
- Dabbles in the occasional game of chess and organises small tournaments. Also, I like cats. =^_^= Unfortunately, I'm (mildly) allergic to mrows.

PGCertCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship)
BE(Hons)/BCom Conjoint specialising in Computer Systems Engineering (First Class Honours), majoring in Marketing and Innovation and Entrepreneurship
- A. T.-Y. Chen, K. I.-K. Wang, "Computer Vision Based Chess Playing Capabilities for the Baxter Humanoid Robot", International Conference on Control, Automation and Robotics, 2016.
Awarded Best Paper in the Robotics session | Video: Youtube | Full Text: IEEExplore
- A. T.-Y. Chen, M. Biglari-Abhari, K. I.-K. Wang, A. Bouzerdoum, F.H.C. Tivive, "Hardware/Software Co-design for a Gender Recognition Embedded System", International Conference on Industrial, Engineering, and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems, 2016.
Full Text: Springer LNAI